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Välkommen att läsa mitt examensarbete från YH Beridarprogrammet vid Flyinge 2014-2016! Arbetet är en studie av kandarets betydelse i svensk dressyrsport och finns här tillgängligt att läsa på såväl svenska som engelska.

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Final paper at Graduation 2016-04-15. Professional Rider & Horse Trainer.
Two years of full-time Equine Studies at the national equine center Flyinge .

”To introduce the qualifying limits and prohibit double bridle in MSVC is the best thing that has happened dressage sport during my 15 years as a judge !”

”Double bridle is a relic from the past that has no place in today’s horsemanship. I’m eagerly waiting for the compulsion of double bridle to be released internationally.”

”Let’s hope that there will soon be the same rules all over the world ! ….. Free to choose snaffle bit if it works better!” //Quotes from the study

The significance of the double bridle within Swedish Dressage

The purpose of this study is to find out if it is possible, by regulating the use of the double bridle, to improve the equestrian sport of dressage and, most importantly, the welfare of the horses.

The double bridle is a piece of equipment that may have very strong impact on the horse. Naturally, the sharpness of the bit depends on how the rider handles it. Inexperienced riders and double bridles is a combination that can be questioned. The double bridle requires extensive knowledge of how to adjust it correctly, but also on how to use it when riding. One must ensure that the double bridle, as far as possible, is in the hands of skilled enough riders. This is where SvRF and FEI, who state the regulations rules, and the judges, who put the points, can make a difference.

The study includes interviews with representatives of the Swedish Equestrian Federation, as well as a survey amongst Swedish dressage judges and coaches at different levels.

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