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How bold can you get? You don’t know until you have tried! Inspired by a young girl who advertised her grandmother on the net and with only a few weeks to my graduation, I thought I’d simply make a personal ad, here on my blog:

  • Inspiring work for a professional rider,  at a well-run facility, in Sweden or another part of the world.
  • Dressage horses at high level, together with lots of horses of different ages and at various educational standpoint. I don´t mind exciting personalities.
  • Passionate, honest, warm hearted and friendly employers and colleagues.
  • Opportunites to conduct dressage training sessions on the premises or in the immediate area.


In the end of April 2016 I can offer the following qualifications:

  • Graduated Professional Rider & Horse Trainer
    Two years of full-time Equine Studies at the prestigious national equine center Flyinge .  Trained by the premier coaches in Sweden; Bo Jenå  (Swedish National Dressage Team Captain), Kyra Kyrklund (Dressage Olympian), Maria Gretzer (Show Jumping Olympian), Jan Jönsson (Eventing Olympian) and Top level coaches Kerstin André, Ann-Catrin Carlsson etc .
  • Graduated Young Horse Rider & Trainer
    One year of full-time studies at the same great seat of learning, featuring the ”Flyinge model”, a system which is aimed at optimising training and developing the potential in young horses.
  • Certified Groom, educated at national equine center of Stromsholm graduated at Flyinge.
  • C-coach in dressage (examination for Diploma is held in September).

Other skills & competences:

  • Competition Merits including Dressage at FEI Intermédiate level and Show Jumping at National 120 level.
  • Trained Eventing with Professor Jan Jonsson , and long reins and freedom dressage with  Bo Jena.
  • Broken in and educated a large number of young horses.
  • Educated horses up to levels Intermédiate II and jumping 130 cm.
  • Shown young horses on 3 – year old test and 7–year old championships at Flyinge .
  • Previous experience of both horse racing, stud farm operations and foal handling.
  • Drivers licenses: BE (heavy trailer) and C (truck, unlimited weight). Certificate of competence for animal transport.

Please take a look at me together with some lovely horses:

Dressage – FEI Prix S:t Georges, Helsingborg, november 2015

Show Jumping – 120, Flyinge Indoor, november 2015

Tandem Driving – Flyinge Show, november 2015

And now – Don´t hesitate – get in touch with me soon, and make an appointment for further discussions! Looking forward to hear from You on:



With hopes of a joint successful future!


Usually recognised with the helmet on …

I’ll be available from the end of August, 2016.

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