What about some one-tempis?

Finally some photographic evidence of me on the horse back in Topanga. I’m just so lucky to have daily training sessions with Mette, mainly with Valenzo.
He is not just the ”Class Clown” , but offers both piaffe , passage and a bunch of one tempis.
The other day we did the Prix S:t Georges program and soon we´ll step up to Intermediate I.


Valenzo 1

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Those of you who already do follow loidressage on Facebook have probably seen this pic – a little bit of jumping during a dressage session last week. We like variation :)

Valenzo hopp

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2 svar till “What about some one-tempis?

  1. Sanna Johansson

    Oj vilken dröm! Det fantastiska vädret OCH fantastiska hästar, vad mer kan man begära?! ;)


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