Such a brilliant concept!

I’d like to describe a brilliant concept, which is commonly used in the US, but is quite rare in Sweden.


I was really happy and proud to find out that one of the tasks Mette had assigned to me already from the first week here at Mill Creek was an ”Equipage of my own”.

The lovely mare in question is in full training with Mette Rosencrantz Dressage in the truest sense.

Minimum once a week I ride her and work her through properly. Except for the rest day, her owner rides the other days, always under my supervision. In practice this means that I ride the first 10-15 minutes of the session, feel the current status, trim her a little and perhaps shows some from the horseback. Like a mini-clinic for her owner,  five days a week :)

Then I sit off and we continue our session with training in the usual way . This is so clever !

What advantages! Of course, not for free, but what a fantastic return on the training of both horse and rider. Maybe even a cost saving in the long run… A horse ridden regularly by professionals could probably reduce the cost of veterinary care when it comes to, for example, wear and tear due to unevenness etc. And also, little flaws are hopefully detected early, when the horse is seen by an  experienced eye on a daily basis, and can be taken care of before they might turn into damage .

Moreover, it is extremely rewarding for me as both a rider and C- coach aspirant to have been given the opportunity to practice the combination in this wise way.

Below, Sunday Dinner with the team :)


Team Mette: Cory, Mette, Anna. Me, Sarahbell, Kajsa with Dooley, and Emma

Finally, I do have to share some touristic pics as well:


On the beach in the evening. Not too much sun for a pale Viking

Universal Studios with Kajsa, Emma and Drew

Universal Studios with Kajsa, Emma and Drew

More Universal

More Universal

Hollywood/Dolby Theater!

Hollywood/outside Dolby Theatre!

And of course the Walk of Fame

And of course the Walk of Fame

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