A real challenge, but so amazing!

Today is the 23 rd Birthday of my beautiful BFF! Aristokrat Pan, nicknamed ”Nalle” (similar to ”Teddy” in Swedish), the most charming, gentle, funny, stubborn horse I have ever met…

Går med Nalle

Foto Credits: Ulrika Fåhraeus

Amiral 764 – Kew Gardens** – Flamingo 481
chestnut 1.68 m born 1993
Swedish Warmblood

The two of us met already in 2008, when we were both 15, but at that point I didn´t have the skills to manage such a talented and at the same time really strong and quite difficult horse.  A year later we decided to give it a shot and started off on our roller coaster journey towards the Swedish Junior Championships.

Nalle busar Nalle capriole
Every other day I sat in the corner of the dressage ring and cried and begged for ”a horse with breaks”, and the other day we excelled at training with 12 one-tempis.  ”Nalle” has an incredible temperament – he is relaxed, kind and cuddly in the barn, then goes out to the dressage ring with 110% energy.

Nalle och jag var 7:a i finalen 2010

Swedish Junior Championships at National Equestrian Center Strömsholm 2010. Photo Credits: Roland Thunholm

Together we have competed up t o f S class, Intermediate I. In 2010 we competed really successfully with many ribbons in M-classes. In the Junior Championships we placed as 7th. Even in 2011, we went for the JSM, but unfortunately Nalle stumbled badly in the qualifying session and we missed  the finals by 0,027%.

Mia med Gardenia och Nalle på Elmia 1993

Baby ”Nalle” with mum Gardenia at the national breeder´s fair Elmia in 1993.

”Nalle” was born at Stud Petter Pan, bred by Mia Holmberg. He was one of Sweden’s highest assessed stallions in his age group, shown by renowned Flyinge rider Susanne Gielen, with 8-9-8-9, at the age of 4.

In fall 2011, after our debut at Elite Prix S:t Georges, I decided that it was time to let this amazing horse retire, efter 14 successful years at the dressage tour. Nowadays he lives a very pleasant life as a senior citizen , with breeder Anja Andersson in Strängnäs. He’s so well taken care off; Anja rides him in the woods and every now and then he gets to do some dressage movements, just for fun.

Nalle and his tiny friend Acke

One of his task is to supervise and teach the 1- and 2-year olds some proper manners,  but most of the time he fools around in the pasture with the Mini Shetland pony Acke.


Bombay, watercolor by Kerstin André

My very dear Mentor Kerstin André gave me an incredible gift when I finished my apprenticeship at Stall André – a beautiful painting of her lifetime champion Bombay – with the hopes that I would once find a horse like that…

I know that I have already met the superstar of my life! Please share our Joy Ride:

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